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Bad Breath

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Resolving the Bad Breath

Resolving the Bad Breath in Turkey

Bad breath is an unpleasant odour during breathing or speaking, which can be noticed by the person himself/herself or his/her environment.

Many factors can cause bad breath. Foods, tobacco products, inadequate dental care, dry mouth, medicines, infections in the mouth and other medical reasons. For the treatment of bad breath, you should first consult a dentist. If bad breath is caused by tooth decay or gum problems, your dentist will share with you what kind of treatment should be performed here. If bad breath is caused by bacterial accumulation (plaque) on the teeth, the dentist may recommend a mouthwash or antibacterial toothpaste that kills bacteria. If there is an odour caused by tooth decay or gum disease, the dentist will apply one of the treatment methods suitable for the patient. If the bad breath problem is of intraoral origin, brushing the teeth regularly, using dental floss, gargling and consulting a dentist at least once every 6 months will eliminate the problem of bad breath.

Bad Breath Treatment In Turkey Frequently Asked Questions

Certainly. Through our patient consultant, you can make an online interview at the specified date and time, meet your doctor and ask anything you want to ask. Your pre-examination can be performed during the online interview.

For an appointment, you can contact us via whatsapp, our website, online chat, mail, landlines or social media.

You can choose clinics that give you confidence, that consist of a professional and expert team, that offer innovative treatments, that can be in contact with you not only during the treatment but also after the treatment, and that can ensure your satisfaction. You can choose İnci Diş, which serves you with its clinics that apply the best treatment methods in the world, together with high material quality, new generation devices and expert dentists. As İnci Diş, we care about your satisfaction.

All the services that can be provided in the dental field are available within our structure. Our specialist dentists serve for each branch and we provide you with general anesthesia, local anesthesia, sedation and painless injection services.

The most appropriate and healthy treatment plan is prepared for you by our specialist dentists with the x-ray, tomography or intraoral images you have sent before you come to Turkey. According to this prepared plan, the time you need to stay will be notified to you by your patient counselor. An average of 7-10 days is sufficient for prosthetic treatments, 7 days for surgical treatments, but 1 day for single tooth implant treatments. For the prosthesis process, which is the second stage of implant treatments, you must stay in Turkey for 10-14 days.

Certainly. From the moment they get off the plane at the airport, our patients are welcomed by their special consultants, and we provide all necessary hotel-hospital-airport transfers comfortably with our VIP vehicles and consultants. Then, we offer our patients luxury hotels close to our dental clinics as an option and complete the reservation process at the most suitable hotel in line with their preferences.

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