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Inci Group Terms of Use and Privacy

  • Terms of use and privacy Inci Group Saglik Hizmetleri A.S. and Inci Group Saglik Hizmetleri A.S It is valid for all microsites listed on this page that carry the registered logo of A.S. The said Incı Group Saglik Hizmetleri A.S web sites, you should review the terms of use and privacy policies on the sites. On any site other than these sites, Inci Group Saglik Hizmetleri A.S Seeing the logo of A.S does not mean that these security and privacy rules are valid on that site.
  • All the information on the site and all the links in the redirects are provided to the user purely to inform the visitor, and the published information is published without any commercial purpose.
  • All information published on the above mentioned sites is Inci Group Saglik Hizmetleri A.S
  • Performing works such as updating, changing, removing, or editing the information on this website Inci Group Saglik Hizmetleri A.S has all the rights in this regard.
  • Due to possible errors, omissions, or changes that may occur on the website during the update of the information on the above mentioned website, Inci Group Saglik Hizmetleri A.S cannot be held responsible.
  • At the same time, since some of the statements used in the above-mentioned website are forward-looking, they may contain various risks and uncertainties.
  • Inci Group Saglik Hizmetleri A.S, the person or persons accessing the website and related microsites accept the latest version of the Terms of Use and the visitor of the relevant website has all responsibilities regarding all kinds of decisions in line with the information on the site.
  • The information on the relevant sites can never replace physician treatment or consultation.
  • Site content cannot be evaluated for personal diagnosis and selection of treatment methods.
  • All medical procedures described, information, comments, and images are for informational purposes; Advertising is not intended to guide diagnosis and treatment.
  • Legal rights are provided in all materials on our page Inci Group Saglik Hizmetleri A.S or the original creator of the material.
  • Except as specified herein, no material may be copied, distributed, modified by various sub-licenses, stored for future use, used for commercial purposes, or made available.
  • Any unsigned use of any material on this site includes copying laws, commercial laws, security and publicity laws, and communications laws and statutes.
  • Inci Group Saglik Hizmetleri A.S Access to the website and micro sites belonging to A.S is free and anonymous.
  • To falsify in any way any information contained in these related sites; will result in all kinds of legal and criminal proceedings.
  • Inci Group Saglik Hizmetleri A.S It should not be understood that the company endorses the brand or brands it sponsors.
  • All kinds of decisions and responsibilities are the visitor’s responsibility in line with the information published on the website and the relevant micro sites mentioned above, and Inci Group Saglik Hizmetleri A.S is not responsible in any way.
  • At the same time, the information on the above-mentioned related websites does not in any way include a commitment in favor of the user.
  • You can visit all sections on and microsites, except for Online Services and Contact Forms, as often as you want without providing your personal information, read the necessary explanations, and have more detailed information about our Inci Group. In order to use our Online Services sections, you must complete your personal information correctly and entirely and register as a member. The name, surname, date of birth, gender, marital status, education level, profession, telephone, mobile phone, address, and city information you have given when you become a member of our page are never shared with third parties.
  • The communication (telephone and e-mail) information you have shared via the Contact Forms on the above-mentioned site and micro sites is provided by Inci Group Saglik Hizmetleri A.S and/or its authorized solution partners, it can be used to deliver the information you have requested.
  • Inci Group Saglik Hizmetleri A.S The information you provide on the website of A.S. will be used for the purpose of ensuring that this health institution reaches you in a shorter time and to inform you.
  • Only you can update or delete your information from your own screen.

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