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Smile design, whose main reason is to obtain a more aesthetic and healthier smile, is applied completely in line with the patient’s expectations. It is possible to obtain this treatment technique with porcelain types such as zirconium, laminated or emax. Firstly, the patient’s intraoral measurements are taken and the problematic points are determined in the models prepared completely specially for the patient. Measurements are made using facial and intraoral photographs and special computer programmes. The design is prepared in accordance with the face shape and the patient’s expectations. With the studies on the model, it is determined which type of porcelain is more suitable for the patient and now the treatment stage is started. According to the type of veneer to be made from the tooth surface, abrasions are made and the patient’s intraoral impression is taken. The measurements are sent to the laboratory and the porcelain construction process begins. Before the treatment is finalized, interim sessions and rehearsals are performed to support the harmony of porcelain teeth with the inside of the mouth. After the porcelain teeth are completed, they are glued to the patient’s reduced teeth with special adhesives. In this way, the patient has a more aesthetic and healthy smile.

Hollywood Smile is actually the design of the most suitable smile by examining the patient’s nose, lips, jaw, teeth, gums and face. This design is specially designed according to the person and made with porcelain laminate and zirconium crown.

The aim of teeth whitening is to lighten the color of the patient’s own teeth, and a maximum of 3-4 tones can be exceeded. In the smile design process, tooth color, shape and size can be applied in the most natural way or completely according to the patient’s wishes.

It can be applied to every patient who is over 18 years of age, has completed bone development and does not have any gum problems.

The tooth color is determined to be compatible with the patient’s skin color, but the most important criterion is the patient’s own request.

Patients who have smile design applied to them should brush their teeth at least 2 times a day and use dental floss. Routine doctor check every 6 months and scaling is important to prolong the life of the prostheses.


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