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Dental F.A.Q

You can have more information with the frequently asked questions we have created for you.

Turkey has many advantages in terms of health tourism. Being a tourism country, having advanced technologies and qualified dentists in the field of dentistry and affordable prices in treatments are among the main reasons why Turkey is preferred. In terms of treatment, we observe that aesthetic tooth filling, whitening, implants, orthodontics, aesthetic laminate, smile aesthetics and dental prostheses are common. Technological developments in the field of dentistry in the last 10 years and the rapid adaptation of Turkish dentists to innovating and developing technologies have allowed Turkish dentistry to come to the forefront in the world. Moreover, it provides the patient with the perfect smile he/she wishes, accompanied by a relaxing vacation.

As İnci Diş, we have young, dynamic and professional dentists and assistants who are experts in their professions. We listen to your thoughts and wishes and offer the most suitable treatment options. We love our job passionately. We care about you, warmly welcome you and ensure that you feel at home.

There are multiple reasons to choose Turkey for implant treatment. For example, you have the advantage of getting the same service in Turkey at a better quality and more affordable prices than dental treatments in most European countries. * In European countries or Canada, most dental treatments are performed by a single dentist. Only one dentist works in a dental office. But at İnci Diş, different dentists who are experts in their professions are providing services for all your different treatment needs. – Dental technicians are also working really efficient and fast in Turkey. Most dentists in Europe and the US send the crown measurements to countries where they can have them made at a more affordable price. Therefore, the duration of treatment is prolonged. Obviously, this is also due to the limited working hours of dentists and laboratories. Digital 3D printers and dental CNC systems have reduced the treatment process of full set crowns from more than 3 weeks to one week. Dental centers and large dental laboratories in Turkey, where many specialist dentists work together, make it possible to carry out studies at this accelerated pace.

With the X-rays, tomography or intraoral images you send before coming to Turkey, our specialist dentists will prepare the most appropriate and healthy treatment plan for you. According to this plan, the duration of your stay will be informed to you by your patient counselor. An average of 7-10 days is sufficient for prosthetic treatments, 7 days for surgical treatments and 1 day for single tooth implant treatments. For the prosthesis procedure, which is the second stage of implant treatments, you are required to stay in Turkey for 10-14 days.

Absolutely. Our patients are welcomed by their own private consultants from the moment they get off the plane at the airport, and we provide all necessary hotel-hospital-airport transfers comfortably with our VIP transportation and with our consultants. We then provide our patients with optional luxury hotels close to our dental clinics and complete the booking process at the most suitable hotel in line with their preferences.

Absolutely. Through our patient advisor, you can have an online consultation at the specified date and time, speak to your doctor and ask anything you want. Your pre-examination can be performed during the online consultation.

For an appointment, you can contact us via whatsapp, our website, online chat, mail, landlines or social media.

A different session duration is required for each treatment. For example, while an average of 1 hour is sufficient for root canal treatment, approximately 3 hours is sufficient for the first prosthesis treatment appointment.

All services that can be provided in the field of dentistry are available within our clinic. Our specialist dentists serve for each branch and we provide general anesthesia, local anesthesia, sedation and painless injection services.

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots made of titanium, in the form of screws or roots, which are placed in the jawbone to replace the lost tooth and imitate tooth roots. The dental implant is biologically compatible with the body thanks to its titanium compounds.

You can choose clinics that give you confidence, consist of an expert and professional team, offer innovative treatments, can contact you not only during treatment but also after treatment, and can ensure your satisfaction. You can prefer İnci Diş, which serves you with clinics that apply the world’s best treatment methods with high quality equipment and new generation devices as well as professional dentists. As İnci Diş, we care about your satisfaction and happy smiles.

In our clinic, which consists of a professional team and offers innovative treatments, your treatment is completed without feeling pain thanks to painless injection.

You can save up to 70% compared to America, Canada and European countries. You will have the opportunity to explore the unique beauties of Turkey while receiving quality service at prices 70% more affordable than other countries.

Our patients who start their treatment at İnci Diş can pay for the procedures at once by card, cash or money order. Our patients can make their payments in Euro, Dollar, Pound, etc. Our patients who have to come to Turkey twice or more can pay for the treatments at each visit.

Yes. We also have dentists who speak Arabic, Russian, French, German and Romanian.

Sure. You can postpone or cancel your appointment at any time. Just let us know in advance.

For further questions, you can contact our Inci Dis support team.

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