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Emax Crowns

Emax Crowns

These are the applications where the teeth are covered with only a porcelain layer. So, what does it mean if it is covered only with porcelain?

Metal-porcelain or zirconia coatings known to everyone and frequently applied 2 consists of two layers applied on top of each other. There is metal or zirconium inside the porcelain layer, which increases the strength. The thickness of these two layers is 1.5-2mm in total. It is thicker than 2mm, especially in the back teeth.

Especially when we want to maximize naturalness and aesthetics in the front teeth, it will not be appropriate to make 2-layer coatings on the teeth. Natural light transmittance and internal color (depth) feature come to the fore in thinner porcelains consisting of a single layer. This type of coating consisting of a special mixture of crystal and glass is called full porcelain or glass ceramic because they are made entirely of fine porcelain. Trade names are Emax or Empress.

It can be applied to all teeth except molars, they cannot be applied as a bridge.


  • Very little preparation is required on the teeth. (-0.5-1mm)
  • Emax is the most aesthetic coating type
  • It is bonded with special adhesives, so there is no leakage and decay formation.
  • They are the longest-lasting coatings
  • Gingival harmony is close to perfect
  • Depending on the number of teeth, the treatment time varies between 5-15 days.
  • 0.5-1mm abrasion is made on teeth to be coated with full porcelain.
  • Porcelain does not show color change. They never create odor as long as daily care and brushing are done.
  • Porcelains are completely tissue-compatible and tissue-friendly materials.

Our patients use temporary teeth during the procedure. Due to computer-aided production, their adaptation to the tooth is perfect. No leakage or decay when special adhesives are used.

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